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Hello, I’m Zac Dillon and I would love to help rank your business on the first page of Google so you can generate more traffic and revenue.

As a customer, when looking for a Newcastle SEO company, you found this page by the power of search engine optimization (SEO).

How to Increase Your Google Rankings

The first step to executing a successful content program is understanding the channels likely to drive the most visitors to a company’s web properties. With organic search, social, display, email, paid search and referred traffic, there are many avenues for your customers to find their way to your company’s web content.

The bottom line? Businesses shouldn’t spread themselves thin trying to engage with consumers at every point of entry. Instead, marketers should funnel resources into the digital marketing channels that will offer the most bang for their buck.

Insights from BrightEdge’s Data Centre reveal that the clear champion of website traffic is organic search. Overwhelmingly, organic search trumps other traffic generators, driving 51% of all visitors for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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Where businesses can get most bang-for-their-buck online

Social, Paid Search, Display Ads, Email…

All non-organic search channels combined — paid search, social, display, email and referred — don’t stack up to the impact that organic search alone commands across all industries. Search’s dominance may come as no surprise. After all, search has become the primary user interface to discovering content on the Internet.

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Why Is Ranking So Important?

  • Ranking at top of Google is credibility you can’t buy. Customers know when you have paid to be at the top of the search results.
  • Your customers believe Google.  (if you are #1,#2,#3, customers will trust you and buy from you.
  • Our SEO agency can provide you those rankings organically giving you instant trust and peace of mind for potential clients.

Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is the art and science of  moving a website up in search ranking results.

Google represents over 65% of all web searches.

Let me ask you three questions:

  • Did you know that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search?
  • How important is it to be on the first page or ideally ranking number one on the first page?
  • How important is ranking to get people to click through to your site when there are thousands of other companies competing to be on page one?

But, be sure you can be found when your customers go looking. I’ve had to clients this past week tell me they need to get ranked ASAP because they nearly lost a big account each for lack of visibility!


Digital Marketing can make a huge impact on your business and drive lots of new customers but it doesn’t solve all problems. There are lots of moving parts and a true professional should help you understand what happens to your potential customers once they land your site and provide recommendation to improve conversion, after all the ultimate goal is increased business.Social Media Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing & SEO?

Digital marketing is about using all the tools that fit your needs, whether it’s search engine optimization, Google Adwords, Social PPC like Facebook advertising, blogging, video syndication, press releases, lead generation and even email marketing, we are looking at the entire picture.

Search engine optimization is the process of placing your business in front of people who are looking to find your product and services. And unlike advertising – It’s free all day long.

By doing search engine optimization that works, you essentially only capture business from people looking specifically for your services.

It’s like having your business on a really busy street with a giant sign where most of the people walking by are looking for you.

There are thousands of people per month looking for your product and services in Newcastle alone, not to mention the other terms people might be searching for online and this doesn’t even include Yahoo & Bing! What could a portion of this business mean to you as a business owner?

Getting search engine optimization can be an uneasy experience but it doesn’t have to be. The right Newcastle SEO Firm should explain all your option and break things down you to a level you understand.

They should develop a plan of action that is ever changing and should take the time to understand who you truly are and what factors drive your business, where your business is and where it needs to go.

They should be well versed in the art of SEO and be able to explain every aspect of it. They should have measurable goals and immaculate communication skills so you always know what’s going on.

Look for someone that is interested in building a long lasting business relationship and is truly interested in your business success.

Who Are We?

Zac Dillon is a Newcastle SEO Company and Digital Marketing Agency. Not only are we SEO geniuses (humbly of course) but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on top of our industry and you benefit from that knowledge firsthand.

Choose the keywords you want to rank for.

Why try to rank #1, when you can try own the whole front page.

  • I only work with 12 clients at a time.
  • I only work with ONE client in your industry in your area (is it you or a competitor).


There are so many benefits of hiring a Newcastle SEO expert for your business. Make the right call and contact us today, so we can show you how to turbocharge your business!

Zac Dillon | Newcastle SEO Expert

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